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Helping Adopted Children Develop a Healthy Racial Identity

By Tara Bradford Originally published by Focus On The Family I remember the first time I saw others who looked like me. My Scandinavian family walked into an Asian restaurant when I was 4 years old. Warm beige skin color, straight black hair, flat-bridged noses and almond-shaped eyes were not what I was used to looking back at me. The women in the restaurant were [...]

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Ethiopia Bans Intercountry Adoption

Ethiopia's parliament has passed legislation banning intercountry adoption. NCFA's Ryan Hanlon joined BBC World Service Radio to discuss how this decision places unparented children at risk. NCFA believes that a global child welfare continuum should prioritize reunification, kinship adoption/guardianship, and in-country domestic adoption options, all before intercountry adoption is considered. Unfortunately, Ethiopia's reunification and kinship placement efforts are limited, and there are not enough Ethiopian adoptive homes [...]

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Niche’ Chose Adoption

I was 16 when I got pregnant. I was very scared and confused. At the beginning of my pregnancy I planned to keep my child. Toward the end of my pregnancy reality set in. Neither my parents nor the birth father were supporting me. My parents wanted me to give my baby up for adoption. Honestly, I don’t think the birth father cared. I chose [...]

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Moxie Matters

Attention moms!  We want to share an event you may be interested in attending. Many of you have heard of Jen Hatmaker, adoptive mother, author, and motivational speaker. Jen will be appearing along with Nichole Nordeman on their Moxie Matters Tour at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, on Thursday, February 1, 2018, at 7:00 pm. Click here for a link to purchase tickets [...]

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Merry Christmas from our Forever Families

These are just a few of our adoptive families who shared holiday greetings with us. We love receiving your cards and pictures, and hope you had an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Melinda’s Adoption Story – I Chose Open Adoption

“I chose open adoption”. “My mom got mad at me, adoption is something we just don't do in our family”. Listen as this birth mother shares her story of making an adoption plan and watching her family come together to support her decision. Within Melinda’s family they are known for adopting people in but when she decided to make an adoption plan for her baby [...]

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Searching for Birth Family?

Advocating for Adoption in Personal Genetics Testing BY: KIT MITCHELL In 2003, the completion of the Human Genome Project opened the way for a large-scale private sector investment in genetic technologies.1 As synthesizing genes became less costly, companies like 23andMe, Ancestry, and others, were able to market home testing kits to the general public. Anyone can spit into a tube, send it off to the company, [...]

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Putting the Pieces Together: The Significance of the Child’s Story

BY: DEBBIE WYNNE, MSED., LPC-S, LCPAA, RPT-S Curiosity about who we are, where we came from, and our significance in life is universal. Today, opportunities abound to search family history to fill in the missing pieces of the past, whether a family member shares stories from one generation to the next or we search on social media and genealogy websites for clues. For many adopted [...]

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Good night. Sleep tight. Sleep safe.

The Michigan Department of Heath and Human Services shared tips for safe sleep for infants. Follow these tips for safe sleep during every nap and night-time routine: Place your baby on their back, in a crib, bassinet or pack-n-play for every sleep time. Use a firm mattress with a tightly fitted sheet. Keep baby’s sleep space clutter free – no pillows, blankets or toys. Avoid [...]

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Save the Date – Spring Gala!

Please mark your calendar for April 14, 2018, to join us as we celebrate adoption with great food and silent auction items at our Annual Spring Gala in Northville, Michigan. More details to follow!

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