Adoption is Love

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Love is in the thoughts of many at this time of year. Below is a Valentine’s Day story about a birth mother’s love for her child. Teresa made the courageous and loving decision to place her child with Debbie and Rick. Her little boy, David, was born on Valentine’s Day and placed into the arms of his adoptive parents. Adoption is love.

I decided on adoption for my child to give him something I couldn’t provide: my full attention. The love I have for him is free and bountiful. He was already loved and cherished, but I didn’t know how I would be able to take care of him when he was born. How would I provide for him? How would I have enough time to be an attentive parent? Myself and the three children I already had were just scraping by, and the time I had to devote to them was already stretched thin. They were very young, and together we were holding on, but by thin threads. One more thread would have unraveled everything. I loved David so much already, but my full attention would not have been there for him.

Because I loved him so much, I decided on adoption. I called a couple of local adoption agencies and felt most comfortable with Adoption Associates. My caseworker was awesome. She was so compassionate. And, she understood. She had placed a baby with adoptive parents a few years earlier. I selected a family out of several profiles my caseworker showed me. When I met Debbie and Rick, I was nervous at first, but they were just normal people. They had similar interests to mine, and similar beliefs. I felt very confident that they would love my child and give him the attention I couldn’t.

Near my delivery date, my family began to object the adoption. But after carefully viewing the adoptive parents’ profile, many of their  concerns were laid to rest. Something about their photos radiated love and positivity. I knew in my heart that this couple wanted and desired to be my child’s adoptive parents. I knew that they would love him forever. The day before Valentine’s Day, I started to have contractions. Debbie and Rick met me at the hospital and were there to hold their baby boy, David, when he came into this world on Valentine’s Day. Adoption is love. That is all I could think to myself as I watched them hold David.

Everyone at the adoption agency was supportive and encouraging, even after the adoption was final. This type of attention lets me know that it’s not just a job to them, but a committed mission of connecting families. Through the options they give you, like photos, family history, letters, meetings, etc., you know that your child will never have to feel adoption was a hasty decision, but that it was a loving one. Adoption is love.

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