Adoptive Families Needed!

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adoptive families needed

Adoption Associates’ number one goal is to serve birth parents, children, and adoptive families. In order to serve our birth parents in the best possible way, we like to provide as many adoptive family profiles for review as appropriate.

There is no wait list to begin the adoption process at Adoption Associates – you may start working with us right away. 

Reach out to our experienced staff today to learn more about adopting a child! Call us at 616-667-0677 or email

Click HERE to create a MyAdoptionPortal account to get started. After your account has been created and you’ve received an activation email, you will have the option to submit a Consultation Questionnaire within your account. After that, you will be contacted to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our adoption experts.

Already working with another agency?

If you are already in the adoption process with another agency or consultant and have not yet been linked to a birth mother, please contact us to learn how AAI works in conjunction with your current agency. You may call 616-667-0677 or email Laura at for more information.


If you are pregnant and looking for information about placing your child for adoption, please text us at 248-283-4673, or call 616-667-0677 and ask for Jenna or Sara. We will talk with you about our confidential services for women who are considering adoption for their child. All services to birth parents are 100% free of charge and there is no commitment – it is always your choice.

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