Adoptive Families Needed!

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Adoption Associates’ number one goal is to serve birth mothers, children and adoptive families. In order to serve our birth mothers in the best possible way, we like to provide as many adoptive family profiles as appropriate. We are finding that with several placements in the last year, we don’t currently have as many adoptive family profiles to show birth mothers as we’d like. We are in great need of adoptive families who are open to adopting a child of any race. In addition, families who are open to a birth mother having used a substance for part of all of her pregnancy are needed.

If you have been considering the adoption process and are ready to begin, please Click Here to open an adoption portal account and submit your Domestic Adoption Preliminary Application!

If you are already in the adoption process with another agency, consultant, or attorney please contact us to learn how that would work in conjunction with your current agency.

You may call 616-667-0677 or email Laura at for more information.

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