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Are you pregnant and looking for help with a Detroit adoption? If you live in the Detroit area, Adoption Associates can help! We have caseworkers available 24/7 to provide support and services. Every woman and every situation is different. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, there are options for you and your baby. Adoption Associates is here to help you decide which path is the best one for you to take. All services we provide to you are free of charge.

Read below to see what birth mother, Tanisha, said about Detroit adoption in Michigan:

Last year I chose adoption for my baby. After searching for Detroit adoption and finding Adoption Associates online, I made an appointment with a caseworker. I couldn’t believe how helpful she was!  She didn’t judge me or try to tell me that I couldn’t take care of a child. She just listened to me and wanted to make sure I was doing what I thought was best. At times, I felt ashamed for wanting to give my baby up for adoption. But I learned that my decision was brave and loving. I chose to give my baby a great life with great parents. The family I picked had wanted a child for a long time, and they were totally ready to love and take care of my baby. I know it was the best decision for both of us, and Adoption Associates was so supportive.

Our supportive caseworkers are here for you 24/7 to answer your questions about Detroit adoption. Adoption Associates takes care of every detail of the adoption process. And, you don’t need an attorney – we take care of all of the legal arrangements too. Contact us to talk about Detroit adoption at 800-677-2367 or text us at 248-919-8094.

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