Barb Sheler

Director of Finance

Barb joined Adoption Associates, Inc. in 1999 as the agency’s first full-time bookkeeper. With an education in Business Administration and background in banking, she was eager to put her skills to good use in the rewarding field of adoption. Her role has grown over the years from that of bookkeeper to her current role as director of finance. Realizing the financial cost of an adoption can be daunting, Barb strives to keep adoption affordable for families while also maintaining a financially sound agency in which clients can place their trust. Barb and her husband are recent empty-nesters and are enjoying that “next stage” in life. Together they enjoy volunteering in their church, traveling, and making cotton candy at charity and community events. Barb says, “I am often overwhelmed by the love expressed by those who choose adoption – both adoptive families and birth parents. Adoption is a beautiful experience and I am blessed to be involved in even a small way.”

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