If You’re Pregnant and Considering Surrendering
Your Child Under Michigan’s Safe Delivery Law:

It’s Safe, Legal, and Confidential.
It’s Your Choice.
Michigan’s Safe Delivery Hotline: 1-866-733-7733

7 Steps for Social Workers/Adoption Professionals
to a successful Safe Delivery Surrender:

In Order to be Surrendered, the Baby:
must be less than 72 hours old,
must show no signs of abuse or neglect, and
can only be surrendered by a biological parent

Documentation the Hospital Social Worker Needs to Provide to the Adoption Agency:

  • Medical Records or report on the child.
  • Birth Verification showing how the child’s name will be registered with Vital Records.
  • Voluntary Release for Adoption of a Surrendered Newborn by Parent.
  • Voluntary Medical Background Form for a Surrendered Newborn.
In the space for Emergency Service Provider Observations DOCUMENT:
Mother Understands she is surrendering her baby for adoption.
Mother was given the FACT Sheet.
Mother was asked to sign the Release and complete the Medical Background form.
Mother was asked to identify father and her response (be sure to note if she was unable or unwilling to do so).