Adoption Learning Partners presents: Raising Black Boys

Raising Black Boys is an honest dialogue about some of the tough realities and complex issues that Black children may experience and how their parents can guide, support and prepare them for a society that is far from color blind.

Join us for a moderated panel of African American men. Our panelists come from all over the country and from varied backgrounds. Some were transracially placed as young children. All are distinguished professionals in their respective fields.

They will reflect back to their childhood as well as their current role as fathers of Black boys. They will share openly and honestly about the types of discussions that are taking place in their own homes, as well as the everyday fears they have about their sons’ safety and how they are raising them to become strong Black men.

We will pose to the panelists the concerns we have heard from adoptive families who are raising Black boys. Concerns such as:

  • How to have a conversation about racism without hurting a child’s self-esteem.
  • How to protect young Black boys from the hurt that stereotypes and exclusion can bring.
  • How to address and confront the insidious forms of racism transracially adoptive families are now aware of since adopting their child.