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Why “Giving Up a Baby for Adoption” is Not Really Giving Up a Baby

Blog Talk Radio Transcript: Air Date 11-14-17 (you may listen to the podcast by clicking on the audio link, or read the transcript of the podcast below) I walked into planned parenthood thinking I was going to have an abortion. One of the workers asked If I had considered adoption. What she shared with me changed my antiquated ideas about what I thought adoption was, [...]

Why “Giving Up a Baby for Adoption” is Not Really Giving Up a Baby2019-08-21T10:46:56-04:00

Steps in Open Adoption Planning – A Guide for Expectant Parents

Decision Making When you find yourself experiencing and unplanned pregnancy it is important to look realistically at your options. Looking at your choices will empower you to make the best decision for your baby. Contact an Agency Select an agency that is responsive to your needs, makes you feel comfortable, and provides support and information. The agency you contact should help you develop your plan [...]

Steps in Open Adoption Planning – A Guide for Expectant Parents2019-07-10T11:05:39-04:00

Should I Parent My Adopted Child Differently Than Birth Children?

Parents often struggle to blend the parenting approach they used before they adopted with the unique trust-based parenting approach they are now using to meet the unique needs of a child from a hard place. Watch as Dr. Karyn Purvis explains how parents can effectively meet the needs of all of their children — biological, adopted, and foster — by using a parenting approach that [...]

Should I Parent My Adopted Child Differently Than Birth Children?2019-07-03T17:09:47-04:00

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA)

FRUA has been in existence supporting adoptive families since 1994. They offer both a family membership and a new youth membership for young adults who have been adopted from an Eastern European country. Membership includes: Parent-to-parent support: Ten regional communities and the FRUA private, on-line community offering online minute-to-minute family support, as well as many parent organized districts offering local community; www.frua.org, their national website [...]

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption (FRUA)2019-06-26T09:02:14-04:00

Adoption Options for Birth Mom’s

Selecting the adoption option that's a good fit for both you and your baby . . . Birth mom's, you’re in charge! When you choose adoption we want you to make an informed decision – one that’s best for you and for your baby. Here are some basics when it comes to planning an adoption: Open Adoption If you want openness, it is likely that [...]

Adoption Options for Birth Mom’s2019-06-19T12:18:41-04:00

Adoption Planning is a Positive Option

Who is choosing adoption planning?  Who might consider it? There are many myths surrounding birth mothers – who they are and why they make such a monumental decision. Here are some attributes of a birth mother: Women often facing an unplanned pregnancy range from young teen to middle age. She could be married, divorced, separated, single, or in a steady relationship.  Birth mothers can have [...]

Adoption Planning is a Positive Option2019-06-13T09:32:12-04:00

Congratulations, Kris!

Please help us congratulate Kris Dickens as she steps into her new role: Lansing Office Director! With the retirement of Nancy Cannon, Kris was the obvious choice - she's been with AAI for many years, has a wide range of experience in adoption, and is a naturally gifted leader and motivator. We look forward to witnessing great things in Central Michigan under Kris's leadership - Congratulations [...]

Congratulations, Kris!2019-06-12T09:33:25-04:00

Why Is The U.S. State Department Making It Harder For Orphans To Find Families?

Adoption advocates ask the courts to block a crippling new State Department policy that would harm waiting families and children. By Jayme Metzgar Originally posted on The Federalist, JUNE 6, 2019 Jacques and Emily Rancourt have the kind of family you don’t see every day. Not only are they raising seven children—five through adoption—but most of their adopted children have life-threatening congenital heart defects. The Rancourts have [...]

Why Is The U.S. State Department Making It Harder For Orphans To Find Families?2019-06-06T15:05:07-04:00

The Adoption Tax Credit Can Help You

BY: BECKY WILMOTH AND RYAN HANLON Published by the National Council for Adoption on June 1, 2019 While Americans have a very positive view of adoption, a majority describe private adoptions as either expensive or very expensive.1 For this reason, it is important for families to understand the adoption tax credit—whether they are adopting through the foster care system, through private domestic adoption, or through intercountry [...]

The Adoption Tax Credit Can Help You2019-06-04T11:24:59-04:00

Positive Adoption Language

How would you characterize these statements – positive or negative? I’m thinking about giving up my baby for adoption  I want to put up my baby for adoption  I can’t decide if I want to keep my baby or give her away The baby they adopted was illegitimate The natural parents couldn’t keep him so he was put up for adoption  The baby they adopted [...]

Positive Adoption Language2019-05-29T16:26:40-04:00