Why Won’t My Child Act His Age?

In response to meltdowns, emotional outbursts, extreme neediness, and many other behavioral challenges, adoptive and foster parents are often left asking: “Why won’t my child act his or her age?” In the third video of this series originally posted on EmpoweredToConnect.org, watch as Dr. Karyn Purvis and Michael Monroe address this important question, offering insight about the needs of adoptive and foster children and how [...]

Why Won’t My Child Act His Age?2019-02-25T17:10:27-05:00

2019 Family Fun Event – Mother’s Day weekend!

We would love it if you join us for our 8th annual Touched by Adoption 5k on Saturday, May 11, 2019, from 8:30 am - 11:30 am!  This family-fun event is filled with awesome activities the whole family will enjoy! The kids fun run is free for kids age 14 and under and begins at 9:00 am. The 5K Run/Walk begins at 9:30 am. Try [...]

2019 Family Fun Event – Mother’s Day weekend!2019-02-19T11:01:42-05:00

Family Meetings: A Beginner’s Guide

Family meetings are an important tool for families to incorporate into their weekly routine. Used effectively, family meetings provide a platform for safe communication, while ensuring every member has a vocal role in family decisions. In this Adoption Learning Partners Webcast, Tina Feigal will discuss how family meetings can benefit adoptive families by fostering healthy communication about important family issues, helping children develop a sense [...]

Family Meetings: A Beginner’s Guide2019-02-06T10:13:08-05:00
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