Whitecaps Game – Sponsored by AAI

Adoption Associates is sponsoring a West Michigan Whitecaps Game on Wednesday, July 26, 2017! Game time is 7:00 pm. AAI will be holding a ticket contest for 4 free tickets/per family for up to 5 families. Entries will be accepted from Friday, June 30 through Wednesday, July 12. Drawing will be held on Thursday, July 13. Additional tickets will be available at a reduced rate [...]

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Transracial Adoption Research Study

The National Council For Adoption (NCFA) has asked adoption agencies to share the below research study survey link. The survey is being conducted to better understand the scope and effects of bullying on children ages 9 to 16 years old who were adopted into transracial families. "Dear Parents and Students, I am conducting a research study to better understand the scope and effects of bullying [...]

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The Gift of Life – Ryan’s Adoption Story

Ryan has never met his birth mother who put him up for adoption when she realized she faced an unplanned pregnancy. Now 30 years old, Ryan was placed with his adoptive family as a baby.  Ryan shares his feelings not only about his adoption, but the admiration he feels for his birth mother. He eloquently shares how grateful he is that she chose adoption instead [...]

The Gift of Life – Ryan’s Adoption Story2017-12-07T11:35:53-05:00

Ganai’s Adoption Story

I decided to plan adoption for my child to give him something I couldn’t provide: my full attention. The love for him I have is free and bountiful. Yes, I would have been able to scrape together food, clothes and shelter for him, but in the end my full attention would not have been there for him. The three children I have now and myself [...]

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Our Adoption Journey: Doug & Kim

We knew we wanted to become parents again but we weren’t sure what avenue to pursue. After reading an article in the paper several years ago featuring a group of families in North Carolina who had adopted an entire choir full of boys from Liberia, we knew our hearts weren’t ever going to be the same. Our prayers of direction were finally answered, so off [...]

Our Adoption Journey: Doug & Kim2017-06-12T17:37:51-04:00

Our Adoption Journey: Jim & Jane

For Jane and Jim of Texas, the idea of adoption had never been a subject of daily conversation; with so many other tasks at hand, the time just never seemed right. When the couple was unable to conceive biologically, though, Jane began researching international and domestic adoption programs. Although Jim appeared less interested in the topic while Jane continued research, the tables turned quickly when [...]

Our Adoption Journey: Jim & Jane2017-06-12T17:37:57-04:00

Our Adoption Journey: Mark & Leslie

Our adoption story began after hearing a sermon given by our pastor who had just returned from China with his new daughter. After the birth of our son, Dayton, 11 years ago, we were unable to have another child. We didn’t have many options when it came to adding to our family, and after hearing about our pastor’s journey to his daughter, we knew that [...]

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Our Adoption Journey: David & Meghan

We are so thrilled since returning home from China with Miyah on November 8, 2006!! We talk daily about how we are happier than we ever thought we could be!!!! We are just so in love with this little girl—she has truly enriched our lives beyond words. It sounds cliché, but we cannot remember what it was like to not have her be a part [...]

Our Adoption Journey: David & Meghan2017-06-12T17:38:07-04:00

Our Adoption Journey: Chris & Tracey

After having joined their biological families 12 years ago, Tracey and Chris thoroughly enjoyed time spent with their family of six. A few years ago, however, the couple wondered whether they should expand their family and have another child to love, which is when their hearts were led to adoption. With an indifference to domestic or international adoption, the two took their social worker’s recommendation [...]

Our Adoption Journey: Chris & Tracey2017-06-12T17:38:13-04:00

Our Adoption Journey: Benjamin & Joanna

Since we’ve been married, our discussions of having a family always seemed to include both biological and adopted children. Adoption (both domestic and international) has played a large role in the growth of both of our families, so starting our own family in this way seemed natural. After doing some research, we were drawn to adopting from Africa. This was mostly because of the tremendous [...]

Our Adoption Journey: Benjamin & Joanna2018-04-05T13:37:27-04:00
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