Whether you are adopting domestically or internationally, now is the time to consider these issues:

• Are you eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid family leave under the FMLA?

• Are you eligible for paid or unpaid family leave under state law? How much and when can you take it?

• How many vacation, personal, or sick days have you accrued?

• Can you use those days however you want to?

• Are you required to use accrued vacation, personal, or sick days before any other kind of leave?

• Can you take vacation days that you haven’t accrued yet – i.e. days that you will be eligible for by the end of the year?

• Will you have to wait longer to be eligible for more annual vacation time if you take unpaid leave?

• How will you pay your health insurance premiums while you are on leave? Will the employer pay and then seek reimbursement or should I 
   send a check directly to the insurer?

• Will you still be covered by your group life insurance while you are on leave, and (if you pay a premium for extra coverage) how do you pay
   those premiums?

• Are any other benefits affected by your leave?