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Country / Program Child's Ethnicity About the Children Marital Status Time Frame Travel
Asian descent
Girls and boys, age 8 months to 13 years with correctable/manageable special needs are available in this program. Healthy children over age 8 years are also available, as well as children with more moderate to severe special needs.
  • Heterosexual couples married at least 2 years (5 years if second marriage)
  • No more than 2 divorces each
9-18 months
One trip, 14-16 days; one or both parents travel
African descent
Healthy girls and boys, age infant to fifteen years are available. Children with special needs are also available, and it is possible to adopt a sibling group, or two unrelated children at the same time.
  • Heterosexual, married couples, married at least one year
18-24 months
Two trips, 5-7 days each; both parents required to travel on first trip, one, both or escort on second trip