AAI can help you! Please complete the form below to get started on our adoption portal service (www.MyAdoptionPortal.com). The portal service will be utilized throughout the adoption process. Completing this form will create an account in the MyAdoptionPortal system. Once you have completed this form, an email will be sent to you automatically within just a few minutes. It will contain user information and a link to activate your account. Once your account has been activated, you will be directed to first choose domestic or international adoption, and then to complete a preliminary application. Please contact our office at 616.667.0677 if you have questions about the online portal, if you do not receive an activation email, or if you have questions about beginning the adoption process.


* Please note: Use of the MyAdoptionPortal software requires a computer or laptop. Mobile devices, including tablets, are not compatible at this time. In addition, Google Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers. Internet Explorer and Safari are not recommended.